Do you take stress for granted? By that I mean do you just go with it, wallow in it, or be motivated by it? Does it make you sick? I guess I do a little of all of these symptoms. And I took stress for granted. It happens. Fix it. Move on.

But nothing is that simple. I learned today, when my dog was diagnosed with IBS and stress related tearing that I had to really think about it. This dog has a trendy wardrobe. She has food anytime she wants. She gets treats all the time. And when we go to a restaurant she gets her own food – a patty from In & Out, roast beef from Arby’s, chicken from KFC. So what has her so stressed that she is ill?

We stress her. She is an ESA dog and she is truly empathetic. She snuggles when either of us does not feel well. She will lay on an area causing pain. She senses when we are in pain and attempts to offer comfort and repair. And she stresses when we do. She has terrible symptoms just like many of us.

So, after thinking about her, watching the tears run down from her eyes, I realized I have to destress not only for me but for my dog.